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Date : 02 Sep 2001
Location : New Delhi

The Tobacco Board, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India in collaboration with Gitam Institute of Foreign Trade (GIFT), Visakhapatnam is organising a two-day Seminar on "Export Promotion Strategies for Tobacco" on 3rd and 4th September, 2001 at Guntur. The objectives of the Seminar are: to make a product-wise and market-wise review of the world trade in manufactured and unmanufactured tobacco; to evolve region-wise export promotion strategies in the post-WTO regime; to examine the technological developments that help improve the quality of tobacco in the country; to assess the consumer preferences for tobacco and tobacco products and to study the trends in processing and packaging; to study the potential for product and market development by identifying new uses for tobacco and new products for export to the new markets; and to draw an action plan for doubling the exports of tobacco by the end of 2005.

Progressive and experienced farmers from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka domestic manufacturers, international merchants, leading exporters, eminent scientists from CTRI and ILTD Research Department, officials from the Ministry of Commerce, State governments of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, prominent persons associated with tobacco, officials from Tobacco Board and senior faculty from GIFT will be participating in this Seminar. About 100 participants will be taking part in the Seminar, which is to be inaugurated by Shri R. Gopalan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The Indian tobacco industry is passing through a critical phase. Although cultivation of tobacco has shifted from black soils to light soils during mid 60’s the productivity levels have not reached the international standards. Wherever the per hectare production was the highest as in the case of 2500 kgs. per hectare in NLS region, this achievement remains confined only to a select few progressive farmers. This situation calls for an urgent need to spread the culture with a view to achieving the higher yields in all the soil regions. Improvement of quality will result in better demand and resultant better prices for the farmers. Most of India’s tobacco is grown in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka for domestic consumption besides exports. Andhra Pradesh having 45,000 FCV (Fine Cured Virginia) tobacco farmers is the largest producer of tobacco in the country, contributing more than eighty per cent of the total FCV tobacco production. Karnataka is the next largest producer of FCV tobacco in the country having about 20,000 farmers. India is the world’s second largest producer of tobacco (550-600 million kgs) next to china (2200 million kgs). It is the sixth largest exporter of tobacco in the world, the leaders, being Brazil, Zimbabwe, the US, China and Malawi.

The objective of the Seminar is mainly to deliberate upon export promotion strategies and enhancing quality standards in tobacco production. Dr. P. Dayachari, Chairman, Tobacco Board will preside over the Seminar.



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