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Grievance Redressal Committee



Q: Who are GRC members?

A: The members are…

Name Designation Status
  Additional Secretary,
Department of Commerce
Shri P.K.Dash Joint Secretary,
Department of Commerce

Shri N.N. Parsad

Joint Secretary,
Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion


Q: What type of Grievances can be discussed?

A: Any non-statuary decision relating to Foreign Trade Policy announced by DGFT. Decisions of ALC, EPCG, PIC, PRC, EPZ/EOU, Customs, Excise, Income Tax etc. i.e. all matters related to Foreign Trade Policy that have been taken within the last 180 days or so and have caused grievance to the trade and industry.

Q: How does petitioner file his case?

A: The Petitioner will be encouraged to use the website http://commerce.nic.in/, of DOC to file his case. However conventional method can also be used and the petition be addressed to the Chairman, Greivance Redressal Committee, # 121, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi 110011.

Q: How does one know if they have to appear in Personal Hearing before the Committee?

A: The website http://commerce.nic.in/ of DOC would put up the latest position of the cases. In case the committee desires to call any aggrieved party to personal hearing the same would be normally intimated by email/Speed post, besides it would be reflected in the latest position document on the website.

Q: How does petitioner know about the status of their case?

A: The website http://commerce.nic.in/, of DOC would put up the latest position of the cases.


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