System on Foreign Trade Performance Analysis (FTPA) Version 3.0

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 Commodity Group-wise (Old Classification upto Mar 2014)
 Commodity Group-wise (New Classification from Apr 2010 onwards)
 Region x Country-wise
 Top n Commodities (Old Classification upto Mar 2014)
 Top n Commodities (New Classification from Apr 2010 onwards)
 Top n Countries
 Top n x n Countries x Commodities Matrix (Old Classification upto Mar 2014)

Data available from January 2000 to December   2017(Revised upto March2017) Data last updated on 29/01/2018 Data source: DGCI&S Kolkata

Note on SEZ data inclusion in March 09 Brochure

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The data refrenced in the system do not have any legal sancity and is for general refrence only.
The user may like to verify official publications for DGCI&S, Kolkata for any further refrence.