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Programme Undertaken For The Welfare Of Scs/Sts and Women


Welfare of SCs/STs

SC/ST Cell

In accordance with the policy of the Government of India, an SC/ST cell is functioning in the Department of Commerce. A Liaison Officer is nominated in the Department and in each of the organizations under the Department. So far as services and posts in the Department and organizations under its administrative control are concerned, none of the posts has got exempted from the purview of the reservation orders. The Liaison Officer examines and rectifies, wherever necessary, the reservation rosters maintained by the various organizations for ensuring representation to SC/ST/OBC in service. The Liaison Officer also provides relevant guidelines to the officers in the Department of Commerce, its attached and subordinate offices and Public Sector Undertakings, in accordance with the instructions issued by the Department of Personnel and Training (DOP&T) from time to time. The Cell is also looking after the work regarding implementation of the Government Orders in respect of reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) to the extent of 27 % in direct recruitment.

A statement showing total number of Government employees and the number of SC/ST/OBC as on 31.12.2007 in the Department of Commerce, its subordinate offices, Public Sector Undertakings and semi-autonomous bodies etc. is attached at Annexure.

The Commodity Boards under the administrative control of the Department of Commerce have certain specific schemes under special tribal plans, which are operated with a view to supplementing the efforts of the Government in improving the socio-economic conditions of the SC/ST in the non-traditional areas. The welfare activities undertaken by different organisations attached to the Department are given below:-

Rubber Board, Kottayam

The various schemes operated by the Rubber Board for the welfare of SC/ST category of growers during 2007-08 are:

  • An amount of Rs. 6.98 lakhs was disbursed to 93 SC/ST tappers employed in the unorganized sectors under the housing and sanitary assistance scheme.
  • Cash Assistance was given under Rubber Plantation Development Scheme. In the traditional areas, the cash assistance is Rs. 12000/- per hectare, which was disbursed to 280 beneficiaries amounting to Rs. 2 lakhs. Similarly in the non-traditional area the cash assistance is Rs 16000/- upto 5 hectare, Rs. 12000/- for 5 to 20 hectares. For the North-Eastern region, the assistance is Rs 20000/- up to 5 hectare and Rs. 16000/- for 5-20 hectares. A total amount of Rs.121 lakhs was disbursed to 3568 beneficiaries
  • A total amount of Rs. 19.74 lakhs was disbursed to 1389 beneficiaries as reimbursement of cost for high yielding planting material.
  • Assistance of Rs 6.95 lakhs was provided to 512 beneficiaries for boundary protection fencing material for rubber plantation.
  • 375 persons were given fee concession for training in rubber cultivation, tapping, processing and manufacturing.
  • Total area of 114.90 hectare was planted under Block Plantation Project in non-traditional areas for the benefit of tribal communities with active participation of concerned State Governments. 193 persons were benefited in this scheme. Similarly, in traditional area 380.09 hectare was planted under Tribal development for the benefit of 1161 persons.

Tea Board

Tea sector provides livelihood in remote and rural areas. The workforce possesses no skills other than plucking green leaf and is mostly landless belonging to SCs/ STs. The various schemes operated by the Tea Board for the welfare of SC/ST category of growers during 2007-08 are:

  • Under the Development Scheme for Small Growers, input cost @ Rs. 10,000/- per hectare is provided to 12,000 SC and 1700 ST growers.
  • Training on Plantation Management has been given to Small Tea growers wherein 700 SC and 75 ST were beneficiaries of it. An honorarium @ Rs. 500/- per month is given to each trainee for a period of six months.
  • A subsidy for new planting amounting to Rs. 19.77 lakh has been given to 35 SC and 7 ST growers.
  • A subsidy of Rs. 56.07 lakh was given to Eight Self-help Groups through which 65 SC and 39 ST were benefitted.
  • Under the Labour Welfare Scheme, 69 SC and 39 ST students were given Educational Stipend.
  • The beneficiaries of the Scheme for Capital Grant for Construction of Schools/ Colleges are garden workers of which 65% belong to SC/ ST categories.
  • During the year, 18 SC and 4 ST employees have got promotion and 3 SC employees have been given new appointment.

Coffee Board

SC/ST cell headed by the Liaison Officer is functioning in the Board to redress the grievances of the SC/ST employees. Reservations as applicable under the post-based reservation system have been followed in the case of SCs/STs/OBCs.

Spices Board

The Board has implemented the post-based reservations roster and the instructions issued by the government are followed properly in the case of SC/ST/OBC. SC/ST members are included in the Selection committees wherever required. The Board is also maintaining reservations roster for persons with disabilities as per the directions of the Court of Chief Commissioner for persons with Disabilities, New Delhi.

The Board has been implementing a number of programmes for productivity improvement of small and large cardamom and post harvest improvement of other spices under “Export Oriented Production Scheme”. Under the scheme, no programmes are envisaged exclusively for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe farmers. However, the SC/ ST farmers are eligible for higher rate of subsidy in the following programmes being implemented during the XI plan period:

  • Construction of Drying Yard – Subsidy of 90% of the cost or maximum of Rs. 540/- per sq. m for ST and 50% cost or maximum of Rs. 300/- sq.m for SC
  • Supply of HDPE Polythene Sheets - Subsidy of 50% of the cost for ST.
  • Supply of Bamboo Mats - Subsidy of 90% of the cost for ST.

Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)

The schemes operated by APEDA for the welfare of SC/ST category during 2007-08 are:

  • Group A and B officers of SC/ST categories were sent for various promotional schemes abroad for gaining higher expertise in their field.
  • Group C incumbents of SC/ST categories were as far as possible sent for training in the course conducted by Institute of Secretariat Training Management (ISTM).

Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA)

A Liaison Officer has been appointed to look into the welfare of SCs/ STs. Any representations made by the SCs/STs are duly considered. SCs/STs are also being encouraged to come up in the competitive examinations and meritorious candidates belonging to SCs/STs categories are also considered against the unreserved vacancies. During the year, 5 days training programme in shrimp and scampi culture for 200 SC/ST candidates was organized. A stipend of Rs.500/- per person per training was given.

PEC Limited

The various schemes operated by the PEC Ltd for the welfare of SC/ST category during 2007-08 are:

  • There is a welfare scheme under which merit scholarship is given to the wards of the employees securing certain percentage of marks in the annual examination. In this scheme, the wards of SC/ST employees are given merit scholarship with relaxed standard.
  • There exists a Time Scale Promotion Scheme for staff cadre. Qualifying period for promotion for employees belonging to SC & ST categories is relaxed by one year in each stage of promotion.
  • The limits of reimbursement of conveyance expenses to Orthopaedically handicapped employees, who do not possess their own vehicle and are using any other mode of conveyance, are double the normal rates being paid in PEC or Transport allowance being paid to central govt. employees, whichever is higher.
  • For Group B&C, the promotion policy is time bound where a relaxation of one year at all the level in the number of qualifying years of service has been provided to the employees with disability vis-à-vis general category employee

State Trading Corporation of India (STC) Limited

The various schemes operated by the STC for the welfare of SC/ST category during 2007-08 are:

  • One-year relaxation is given to SC/ST employees in the qualifying period of service at each stage of promotion under the Time Bound Promotion Policy in the unionized cadres i.e. up to Office Manager (Group-B).
  • A relaxation of 5% in marks is allowed to the wards of SC/ST employees while considering for grant of merit scholarship.
  • Reservation for SC/ST employees is kept in allotment of residential apartments maintained by the Corporation at New Delhi.
  • Nomination of SC/ST employees to various training programmes (including awareness programmes) held both in house and outside.
  • In the matters of transfer, Manager having All India Cadre (Transfer liability) and are having more than 60 % disability have been allowed to continue at their preferred station.

India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO)

  • In every Departmental Promotion/ Selection Committee meeting, an officer of appropriate level belonging to SC/ST category is being associated to look after the interest of SCs/STs. The provisions of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act 1995 are also being complied with.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)

The schemes operated by IIFT for the welfare of SC/ST category during 2007-08 are:

  • One-faculty members belonging to OBC category was nominated to participate in seminar to upgrade his knowledge.
  • Two SC employees were also nominated to participate in a workshop to upgrade their knowledge.

MMTC Limited, New Delhi

The various schemes operated by the MMTC Ltd. for the welfare of SC/ST category during 2007-08 are:

  • Trainings in various functional areas of work were imparted to 1348 employees out of whom 303 employees belong to SC/ST categories.
  • Under the MMTC Employees’ Welfare Scheme, a relaxation of 5% in marks is allowed to the wards of SC/ST employees while considering for grant of merit scholarship. There is a provision for reservation in the allotment of residential quarters to SC/ST employees.
  • For effective communication and redressal of grievances, scheme for Structured Meetings at different levels at regular intervals is in place and have been organized with the representatives of the SC/ST Welfare Associations.

Welfare of Women

Women Cell

An independent Women Cell has been set up in Department of Commerce with the following broad functions:

  • Prevention and redressal of sexual harassment at workplace, constitution of Complaints Committee in the Department of Commerce, its attached and subordinate offices, PSUs, autonomous bodies etc., monitoring their performance and providing necessary help and guidance.
  • Coordination with the Department of Women & Child Development, National Commission for Women and other concerned agencies in respect of the matters connected with welfare and economic empowerment of women and other related issues.
  • Review of the various programmes of Department of Commerce to ensure that various aspects of women welfare, development and empowerment are promoted through the programmes and schemes of the Department.
  • Preparation of Action Plan pertaining to the Department of Commerce for the overall development of women in line with the National Policy for empowerment of women.
  • Other incidental matters pertaining to the subject.

The Women Cell actively participated in the various workshops / seminars on gender issues organized by National Commission for Women etc.

Gender Budget Cell

Gender Budget Cell has been set up in the Department to ensure that the budget allocations made in the various schemes implemented by the Department benefitted the women folk. Most of the schemes under the Commodity Boards such as Tea, Rubber, Coffee, Spices etc. as well as agencies like Indian Instituting of Packaging, Marine Products Export Development Authority, Footwear Design & Development Institute etc. have programmes targeting women beneficiaries. Though funds are not specifically earmarked for this group, yet all the aforementioned schemes subsume the targeted category.

Coffee Board

A complaint committee in the Board already exists for the purpose of prevention and redressal of sexual harassment at workplace. However, no complaint has been received during the year. The various programmes undertaken for the benefit of women are:

  • Vocational training programme for women under the Capacity Building Component of the Development Support Scheme. Subsidy and other financial support are also available for women beneficiaries under different components of the Development Support Scheme of XI Plan.
  • During 2006-07, around 750 beneficiaries were covered under Women Specific Programme. 246 beneficiaries have been covered under the vocational training programme for women, 832 women beneficiaries were covered under SS&MGS Scheme and 277 women have been supported under the spillover claims of SS& MGS Scheme pertaining to X Plan during the first three quarter of 2007-08.
  • Educational Stipend @ Rs. 1,5000/- has been granted to 2,668 female children of the labourers working in registered Coffee Estates and Coffee Curing Works or tiny growers (less than 2 ha0 who have passed SSLC during the academic year 2006-07 and taken up higher studies like polytechnic/Vocational Training/Pre University Course in the academic year 2007-08.

Tea Board

Tea sector provides livelihood in remote and rural areas. A notable feature of this sector is that 50% plantation workers are women folk. During 2007-08, the following activities were operated by the Tea Board for the welfare of women:

  • Eight self-help groups were constituted for grant of subsidy through which 200 women folk were benefitted.
  • Under the Labour Welfare Scheme, educational stipend was given to 75 female students.
  • Under the Scheme for Capital Grant for Construction of Schools/ Colleges, 10 Schools and 1 Colleges for girls have been given grant during the year.
  • 10 women employee were given promotion and 2 women got new appointment during the year.

Spices Board

A woman officer of the Board has been nominated as “Women Welfare Officer” to sort out the difficulties/problems, if any, of the women employees or to bring them to the notice of the higher authorities along with suggestions for possible solutions. A three member Committee has also been constituted in the Board to handle grievances and cases of sexual harassment of women at work place. During the year 2007, no complaint of sexual harassment at work place was received.

Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Athourity (APEDA)

At present, APEDA has 30 women employees in Group A, B, C and D categories. The welfare of the women employees is well looked after. A women officer of DGM level has been nominated to look after the welfare of women employees and a separate ladies room has also been provided within the office premises. During the year, no complaint of sexual harassment at work place was received.

Women in Public Sector (WIPS)

WIPS in MMTC aims at maintaining contact with Executive Committees, Apex Committee Members and acts as a catalyst within the organization while developing an information center/network for wide dissemination of information. Women employees from different organizations participate in the regional and national meet for discussing policies/issues concerning women at work place.


Statement showing total number of Employees in the Department of Commerce, its Attached/ Subordinate Offices, Public Sector Undertakings, Semi-Autonomous Bodies etc. under the Administrative Control of the Department of Commerce and the number of SC/ST/OBC Employees against them (as on 31st December 2007)


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