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Trade Promotion Programme - Focus: Africa


Ongoing Schemes and Activities

  • Indian Missions in Sub Saharan African countries have been activated to focus on commercial issues as a priority.

  • Review of the existing Trade Agreements with 23 Sub-Saharan Countries through the institutional mechanisms like - Joint Trade Committee Meeting, Indo-South Africa Commercial Alliance etc.

  • Increased interaction among businessmen through Joint Business Councils.

  • Additional lines of credit provided by EXIM Bank to Sub-Saharan African Countries (so far 28 Lines of Credit (LOC) of Rs. 414 crores).

  • Upgrading the credit rating of certain countries by ECGC.

  • Special provision for funding warehousing, foreign offices by export/ trading houses or by consortium of Small Scale Industry (SSI) Units- Under Market Development Assistance provided for the purpose.

  • Special project oriented activities to be funded under Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme for the new scheme of Market Studies.

  • Furnishing the relevant information about procurement of tenders, investment opportunities in the African countries received through the Indian Missions to all the Indian exporters/importers/investors through concerned Export Promotion Councils.

  • Taking appropriate action through Missions to simplify the procedure for registration and certification in the importing country.

  • Finalising MOUs between appropriate authorities, on technical assistance and cooperation in several sectors e.g. Cooperation agreement between National Small Scale Industrial Corporation (NSIC) and Federation Micro & Small Enterprise Development Agency (FeMSEDA), Govt. of Ethiopia, Health and Pharma with S.Africa (Under finalisation).

  • Other Ministries have also initiated several measures e.g. meeting with banking sector was organized by MEA recently, issues relating to import of pyrethrum from Kenya are being examined by Agriculture Ministry.

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