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Trade Promotion Programme - Focus: Africa


Marketing Development Assistance (MDA)

As per the stipulation under the caption "Focus Area Programme" of MDA Guidelines in addition to the activities in non focus areas, special provision has been made under Reverse Trade Visits for visit of prominent delegates and buyers (one person from each organization) from these Focus Area Regions for participation in buyer cum seller meets, exhibitions etc. in India. The foreign delegates / buyers / journalists would be assisted in meeting their return air travel expenses in economy excursion class up to the entry point in India. This would, however be subject to financing only the well-planned participations wherein the potential of the incoming delegate(s)/buyer(s)/journalist(s) have been screened by the concerned EPC and Territorial Division. The following activities are eligible to be undertaken under Focus Area Programmes:

For Activities under the Focus-Area Programme


Permissible items of expenditure under MDA

Percentage of funding under MDA


Participation in International Fairs/exhibitions organized by EPCs etc.
Sponsoring BSMs/Trade delegations abroad by EPCs etc.

As applicable in non-focus area with ceiling of Rs. 10 lakh.


Reverse trade visits of prominent foreign buyer / delegates / journalists to India for participation in BSMs/exhibitions etc:


i) Return air-fare travel expenses in economy excursion class upto the entry point in India.

i) 100% (subject to a ceiling of Rs. 60,000/-

ii) Venue charges

(ii)&(iii) As applicable in non-focus area with ceiling of Rs. 10 lakh.

iii) All other organizing expenditure

All other expenses relating to stay, per diem allowance, local travel etc. of delegates invited from abroad are to be met by the EPC or by sharing between the organizers and delegates.



Translation facilities in foreign languages and vice versa.



Product catalogue in CD ROM


Participation/organisation of export promotional activities shall be subject to the following condition:

  1. The exporters participating in EPC sponsored trade delegations and fairs/exhibitions/buyer cum seller meets etc. abroad shall receive the MDA assistance on reimbursement basis on scales.

  2. One official of the EPC (subject to an upper ceiling of two visits in in one financial year by individual official) can accompany EPC sponsored trade delegation/organized participation in trade fair/exhibition followed by BSM. This would, however, be subject to the condition that a minimum of five exporters participates in such events. In rare circumstances, the Joint secretary of the concerned commodity/territorial division can relax the condition of a maximum of two visits by an individual offical in a financial year.

  3. Per diem allowance, hotel charges etc. would not be permissible from MDA funds to exporters/elected office bearers of the EPCs etc. travelling abroad.

  4. MDA assistance shall be limited to 60% of the total approved cost and the remaining has to be met by the EPCs from the contributions from participants, members, trade etc.

  5. For 'Reverse trade Visits' the air-fare by economy excursion class for invited delegates would be subject to the upper ceiling of Rs. 60,000.

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