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Brief on Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme

Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme is an Export Promotion Scheme envisaged to act as a catalyst to promote India's exports on a sustained basis, during the 10th five year Plan. The scheme is formulated on focus product-focus country approach to evolve specific strategy for specific market and specific product through market studies/survey. Assistance would be provided to Export Promotion Organizations/Trade Promotion Organizations /Exporters etc. for enhancement of export through accessing new markets or through increasing the share in the existing markets. Under the Scheme the level of assistance for each eligible activities has been fixed.

The following activities will be eligible for financial assistance under the Scheme:

  • To identify the priorities of research relevant to the Department of Commerce and to sponsor research studies consistent with the priorities;

  • WTO Studies for evolving WTO compatible strategy;

  • To support EPCs/Trade Promotion Organisations in undertaking market studies/survey for evolving proper strategies.

  • To support marketing projects abroad based on focus product - focus country approach. Under marketing projects, following activities will be funded:

  1. Opening of Showrooms

  2. Opening of Warehouses

  3. Display in international departmental stores

  4. Publicity Campaign and Brand Promotion

  5. Participation in Trade Fairs, etc., abroad

  6. Research and Product Development

  7. Reverse visits of the prominent buyers etc from the project focus countries

  • Export Potential Survey of the States;

  • Registration charges for product registration abroad for pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and agro-chemicals;

  • Testing charges for engineering products abroad;

  • To support Cottage and handicrafts units;

  • To support Recognized associations in industrial clusters for marketing abroad

Under the MAI Scheme, financial assistance may be given to:

  • Departments of Central Government and organization of Central/ State Governments

  • Export Promotion Councils

  • Registered Trade Promotion Organizations

  • Commodity Boards

  • Apex Trade Bodies recognized under EXIM-Policy of Government of India

  • Recognized Industrial clusters

  • Individual exporters (only for testing charges of engineering products abroad and registration charges of pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and agro-chemicals)

Further details of the scheme may be accessed on the Department's website (www.commerce.nic.in)

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