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National Trade

Plantation Schemes


 Rubber Development Scheme

 Rubber Research Scheme

 Scheme for Processing Quality Upgradation and Product  Development of NR

 Scheme for Market Development and Export Promotion of NR

 Scheme for Human Resources Development



 Plantation Development Scheme

 Human Resources Development Scheme

 Market Promotion Scheme

 Quality Upgradation & Product Diversification Scheme

 Research & Development Scheme



  Research & Development Scheme for Sustainable Coffee Procedure

  Development Support for Coffee

  Market Development Scheme

  Weather (Rainfall) Insurance Scheme

  Support for Coffee Processing & Export Promotion Schemes



  Export Development & Promotion of Spices  

  Export Oriented Production & Post Harvest improvement of Spices  

  Export Oriented Research Programmes  

  Project on Pepper Production in Idukki, Kerala 

  Special Purpose Fund of Replantation and Rejuvenation of Cardamon 

  Spices Parks 


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