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Assistance to States for Infrastructure Development of Exports

Evaluation of the projects sanctioned under CIB/ASIDE Scheme

No.20/17/2002-States Cell
Government of India
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Department of Commerce

New Delhi, October 20, 2003

Office Memorandum

Sub: Evaluation of the projects sanctioned under CIB/ASIDE Scheme

  1. Government of India had notified a Scheme "Assistance to States for developing Export Infrastructure and Allied Activities" (ASIDE) vide Notification No.20/7/2000-States Cell dated 13th March, 2002 as amended from time to time.

  2. In the above mentioned guidelines

  1. following paragraph shall replace the existing para 13.1
    "13.1Each State/UT/Agency/Central Agency shall submit a quarterly report in the prescribed format as given at Annexure-VI through the web site of Department of Commerce. This report will be used to review the progress of utilisation of the funds released as also the basis for further release of funds by the Ministry. The annual utilization of funds shall be submitted on Form GFR 19-A (Annexure VII) through the web site by using digital signatures"

  2. and following para shall be added to the guidelines:
    "13.3 A Nodal Officer/Agency shall be appointed by the Central Government for review/inspection of the project and to see that funds have been spent in a financial year under the scheme. The guidelines for the same are given at Annexure VIII"

  1. For the evaluation of such projects, guidelines were issued vide OM No.20/17/2002 dated 20th June, 2003. This supersedes the earlier OM of even number dated 20th June, 2003 issued on the subject.

(D.K. Mittal)
Joint Secretary to Government of India


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